[linux-dvb] Re: FusionHDTV3 Gold-T / Thomson DDT 7610 - analog NTSC tuner dead - digital ATSC still works

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Tue Nov 29 20:20:17 CET 2005

Michael Krufky wrote:
> I appreciate the ideas, but unfortunately the rf selection isn't the 
> culprit here - Mac implemented this by using a callback that IS 
> defined for the Gold-Q card, but NOT defined for the Gold-T board.... 
> BTW, if there are any other boards that use lgdt330[2,3] , they can 
> also use this callback function to change RF inputs.
Cool.  Like I said, it was a long shot :P
> ..and about that "stuck" bit, being fixed only by a cold boot -- That 
> was during development of the FusionHDTV5 Gold driver... completely 
> different animal, using LG DT3303 (instead of DT3302), and using 
> LG-TDVS-H062F, containing TUA6034 tuner (and tda9887), rather than the 
> Thomson DDT 7611 / [Temic/Microtune] 4042 tuner.
> IIRC, we worked that out in the end by programming the tda9887 chip.
Ah, yes, that is what I was thinking about....I ran out of time last 
night to try to track it down to see if it might have pertained to your 

> How can I find out what IC is employed?  
Sorry, I don't know.

> (I have a feeling that you're going to tell me to write to DViCO -- 
> They always reply to my mails, but they take approx 2 months each time 
> :-(  )
Actually, that's an interesting comment.  I may be able to aide in 
expediting your rate of correspondence with Dvico.  You see -->  Not too 
long ago, someone on AVS made a very similar statement.  Another poster 
then replied that they had no problem with more or less overnight 
correspondence with Dvico and then provided a email link with which they 
used to correspond.  The original poster then followed up stating that 
he had just tried this updated email address and Dvico had indeed 
quickly responded!

Now, of course, those messages are likely going to be buried deep in one 
of the many Dvico threads....but, I believe Terry Peterson now has a 
line of dialogue with the Dvico, so I will ask him....I will update when 
I hear back from him.
> I'll take another look at the Thomson DDT 761x datasheet ... maybe 
> there's some info about it there.
I looked at the picture in product brief  
) but the readily visibly IC is likely just the tuner/pll

-- Cheers, CK

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