[linux-dvb] Re: cx88 does not work (Friedrich Graeter)

Ansgar Strickerschmidt stargar at gmx.de
Wed Nov 30 12:55:58 CET 2005

Am 30.11.2005, 12:02 Uhr, schrieb <linux-dvb-request at linuxtv.org>:

> cx88 does not work (Friedrich Graeter)

The kernel messages look good, the card seems to be correctly recognized.

However, for receiving DVB-T, you may wish to install libxine-1.1.1 and  
adjacent libxine-dvb-1.1.1 libraries. It can be conveniently found on  
packman.links2linux.de .
libxine packages included in distributions sometimes lack DVB support  
(such as in SuSE Linux 10.0).
You may or may not need a MPEG2 decoder additionally, such as libmpeg (not  
sure about this... but then again, installing it won't hurt...).
Then, in the Xine frontend, select DVB. Alternatively, you may wish to use  
Kaffeine 0.7.1 or later as a frontend, which eases up the setup.
Other software will not find a tuner, since there is no classic analog  

Please correct me where I'm wrong.



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