[linux-dvb] DVB-T card for PCI-X

Christoph Anton Mitterer cam at mathematica.scientia.net
Sat Oct 1 03:32:52 CEST 2005

Soyeb Aswat wrote:

>So connect up a second monitor, configure it, and off you go.
Uhm,... but I'm using a great € 800 Eizo TFT,... and it is very choosy 
and only wants to have another Eizo beside him,... ;-)
So,.. no 2nd monitor the next time :-D

>I'm currently using a dual-head Matrox G450 connected to a pair 21" CRTs
>giving me lots of room and crystal clear picture :)

>Now to bring it back on topic slightly... certainly on my setup, overlay
>only works on your number one monitor.  That means you can still view
>video on other screens, but it'll all be done in software with the
>additional load etc.
Hmm what about 3D-stuff,... I bought that expensive Asus N7800 GTX card 
(although I rarely play games),... is that available to both screens? It 
should be I think...

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