[linux-dvb] Any progress on TT DVB-C1500 w/ QAM128?

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Wed Oct 5 23:29:49 CEST 2005

Ville Vehvilainen wrote:

>Hi all,
>The new(ish) TT DVB-C 1500 (stv0297 frontend) is still (as of current
>CVS) problematic when tuning to QAM128 channels. Czap can usually lock
>onto a channel after a few tries, but real apps such as Mplayer and
>MythTV seem to usually lose their patience waiting for a lock. I
>assume this is related to the various threads in July and August
>concerning timeouts etc.
>I can get results with Mplayer about one try in three, but never with
>MythTV. An older TT budget card (DVB-C 1.0, with VES1820 frontend)
>works fine.
>Has any progress been made (by integrating the alternate stv0297
>driver, for instance)? I'll gladly test any patches and provide any
>data if necessary.

in mplayer you can increase the timeout changing the default value
to a (much) larger one in libmpdemux/dvb_tune.c.

Sooner or later I'll add a command line option, but remind if I forget it :)

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