[linux-dvb] video0, audio0 API usage question

Mikael Israelsson mikael.israelsson at vimio.com
Wed Oct 12 15:48:06 CEST 2005


I'm trying to read decoded audio/video from a Hauppauge Nexus-S. I'm on
a default kernel so I'm using the DVB API v3. Tuning and demux
are set up ok; I can read the TS stream from the dvr0 device. The
problem is I haven't been able to figure out where to read the
sound/videoframes decoded by the hardware decoder.

My first approach was to init the video0 device, using
VIDEO_SOURCE_DEMUX (bad idea?), and then just starting it by ioctl:ing
VIDEO_PLAY, hoping to just read() the decoded data from adapter0/video0
or dev/video0. I have had
no success so far. I cannot cat data from either device.

I'd really appreciate a pointer to the general strategy of getting hold
of the decoded data. Just the 'init this -> write there -> read that'
basics, or a link to something similar would be of great help. Thanks!

To those of you that read the v4l list; sorry for sending this to the 
wrong list first.


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