[linux-dvb] Status of NXT200X ? | ATI HDTV Wonder/ AverTVHD

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Thu Oct 13 23:02:57 CEST 2005

Kirk Lapray wrote:
> This is true, but on the HDTV Wonder the NXT2004 and Philips tuner are 
> integrated into one package.  The NXT2004 is actually in the tuner metal 
> box.  This module is called the Philips TUV1236D.  It also uses the CX88 
> interface chip.  So, besides the NXT2004 there is nothing similar 
> between the cards.  I still have not been able to get the NXT2004 
> working correctly on the HDTV Wonder.  I started off using the NXT2004 
> DVB driver that was posted to the DVB mailing list a few months back 
> written for the AverTVHD, but the HDTV Wonder is a completely different 
> setup.  I have been able to write a driver that from what I can tell 
> completely mimics the Windows driver and I have gotten the firmware 
> loaded and the tuner changes channels, but for some reason the NXT2004 
> never reports a signal lock.  There must just be something I am 
> missing.  Once I figure out what I am doing wrong it shouldn't take much 
> to get it to work on other NXT2004 based cards as long as the tuner and 
> interface chips are supported.


I didnt see that "[linux-dvb] AverTVHD/NXT2004 patches" thread when it 
was first posted.  Thank you for pointing it out.  I cc'd this email to 
the list, maybe Patrick or Jean-Francois can say something about the 
status of the nxt200x module?

I haven't yet tried Jean-Francois 's patch.... I think I'll give it a 
whirl later on.

About the Philips TUV1236D, Google found this excel sheet that shows 
that it uses NXT2003.  Is the sheet wrong?  ...or maybe some registers 
might be different?  (just a guess)


AVerTVHD also has the NXT2004 inside the the same package with the 
tuner.  It is a TDHU2-008A.  I found some specs for this at:



Michael Krufky

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