[linux-dvb] Partially resolved HDTV5 lite and Twinhan DST together + dst module question

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Fri Oct 14 14:37:35 CEST 2005

Manu Abraham wrote:
> GFarris wrote:
>> That didn't lock up, so yes, the order does matter.
>> However, the analog still doesn't work.
>> Just a thought--  perhaps the HDTV5 lite needs to be bttv0 for the 
>> analog to work since /dev/video0 and /dev/vbi0 is assigned to the lite 
>> even when it's the 2nd card, since the DST has no analog.
> I don't know about this aspect that the HDTV5 needs to be bttv0 to work. 
> Mike can comment on this better.

There's no reason why FusionHDTV5 would need to be bttv[0] in order to work.

>> Next I tried swapping the pci cards back where they were originally, 
>> but now I get a lockup no matter which card is specified first in the 
>> bttv line.  I also tried specifying only one card at a time, but it 
>> still locks up when the DST is the 2nd pci card.
> If it is the 2nd card, you need to change the order in which card= option.
>> It looks like the DST card has to be resolved before the lite card or 
>> there is a lockup.
> The only concern with the DST is that it uses Hardware I2C. This has to 
> be specified as a module parameter to bttv , else probably a lockup 
> would happen. For bttv when card=0xYY is specified, the expected 
> behaviour should be that only the card should be initialized. Maybe you 
> can check whether that behaviour still remains the same.

Unfortunately, I don't have any wise words on this topic.  AFAIK, it 
shouldnt matter which card is the first one, so long as your parameters 
line up appropriately with your card setup.

Maybe some debug info could help to resolve this...  There are many 
debug options that you can experiment with - maybe setting them might 
cause a message to show up that could shed some light on the issue.


modinfo bttv
modinfo bt878
modinfo dvb-bt8xx
modinfo dst

...to find a list of module parameters.  In order to call these options 
to each module, you'll have to load them separately, for instance:

modprobe bttv bttv_verbose=1 bttv_debug=1 irq_debug=1
modprobe bt878 debug=1
modbrobe dvb-bt8xx debug=1
modprobe dst debug=1

I made up those options above from memory... Use modinfo to find all the 
actual debug options available.

I must mention:  I am recommending to use debug options, because *maybe* 
something will show up that can help.  I don't know exactly what we're 
looking for, and that's why you'll have to experiment with different 
debug options in hopes of finding an error message that is meaningful.

Sorry I couldn't be more of a help.  Maybe this will lead us somewhere...

Good Luck,
Michael Krufky

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