[linux-dvb] Writing custom network DVB driver

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 17:57:47 CEST 2005

Luc Gallant wrote:

>>So isn't it easier to capture network packets and parse that stream. The
>>resultant stream would be an MPEG2 TS
>>You can convert to a PS if  needed, but most players do play TS straight
>>I think probably what you need to do is capture packets from the
>>specified address, parse them and present it to the application.
>It turns out that I had misinterpreted my problem. Basically there is
>already a device doing the job I mentioned (parsing the different
>subchannels), and the device has controls available to it, and just
>sends the data through IP multicast. All I have to do is take that IP
>stream, and pipe it out to a device (virtual device). This device
>though has to be able to change channels and all.

You mean that you have a hardware device for the parser ? But from your 
previous mail i thought you were doing a dummy device ..
If you mean you want to have a dummy device driver doing the parsing in 
the kernel, that would be a really bad idea, since a parser can 
encounter bugs in the stream (the bugs could be the ones in the stream 
or due to the parser's own ..)

Why do you need a virtual device for ?, when you can easily do it is 
userspace, unless i am mistaken.

>For this, I now reevaluate and think that V4L2 might be a better
>alternative. Suggestions are appreciated.


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