[linux-dvb] Writing custom network DVB driver

Luc Gallant lucgallant at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 19:07:21 CEST 2005

> You mean that you have a hardware device for the parser ? But from your
> previous mail i thought you were doing a dummy device ..
> If you mean you want to have a dummy device driver doing the parsing in
> the kernel, that would be a really bad idea, since a parser can
> encounter bugs in the stream (the bugs could be the ones in the stream
> or due to the parser's own ..)
> Why do you need a virtual device for ?, when you can easily do it is
> userspace, unless i am mistaken.

I guess I really don't need a kernel device. This is what i'm doing:

There is a video stream coming through in RTP or MPEG2TS, and I want
to create an application that takes that stream and makes it available
as a V4L device. I keep using the word device here because I want
applications like mplayer and mythtv to be able to have access to the

This is what I need advice on, maybe how to get started. Thanks.

Luc Gallant

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