[linux-dvb] Writing custom network DVB driver

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 19:08:25 CEST 2005

Luc Gallant wrote:

>>You mean that you have a hardware device for the parser ? But from your
>>previous mail i thought you were doing a dummy device ..
>>If you mean you want to have a dummy device driver doing the parsing in
>>the kernel, that would be a really bad idea, since a parser can
>>encounter bugs in the stream (the bugs could be the ones in the stream
>>or due to the parser's own ..)
>>Why do you need a virtual device for ?, when you can easily do it is
>>userspace, unless i am mistaken.
>I guess I really don't need a kernel device. This is what i'm doing:
>There is a video stream coming through in RTP or MPEG2TS, and I want
>to create an application that takes that stream and makes it available
>as a V4L device. I keep using the word device here because I want
>applications like mplayer and mythtv to be able to have access to the

I think what you need is an application that can read the stream (which 
does stream control also) and the output is fed to applications like 

To get an idea, the same concept we have been using all along for all 
budget dvb cards. There is an application called test_dvr in dvb-apps, 
which might be something similar to what you might be looking at. Only 
concern being you would need to add in functions to read from the 
network interface and or add controls for controlling the stream itself 
and or it's contents.


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