[linux-dvb] Writing custom network DVB driver

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 20:28:46 CEST 2005

Luc Gallant wrote:

>>I think what you need is an application that can read the stream (which
>>does stream control also) and the output is fed to applications like
>Yes, this is pretty much what I need to do, except for the " output is
>fed to applications like
> mplayer." part, I want to do this by creating like a fake dvb or in
>this case v4l device, which mplayer could go read.
>>To get an idea, the same concept we have been using all along for all
>>budget dvb cards. There is an application called test_dvr in dvb-apps,
>>which might be something similar to what you might be looking at. Only
>>concern being you would need to add in functions to read from the
>>network interface and or add controls for controlling the stream itself
>>and or it's contents.
>I checked out this application, but from what I can see this won't set
>up a device that any application can read. If I am wrong, please
>correct me. Thanks
It won't set up a device, but you can easily send the data accross to 
the application.
If you need to set up a device, you need to do either (1) or (2)

1) get the userspace applications/parser into your virtual *kernel* driver
2) get the stream out from kernelspace into userspace, process it and 
send it back to the device (kernelspace), then get it out of the device

2) is totally nonsense, This is similar trying to touch your nose by 
taking your hand one full circle around your head, while you can 
straight away touch it.

1) i won't comment on that.

What i would suggest is, you would need to do it in userspace without a 
device, but then it will need support from each of the applications that 
you plan to use alongwith. Anyway you will need a userspace application 
for stream control, then why not do it completely in userspace ?
which would be much cleaner, effecient and easier.

Only concern is you need to work with the corresponding applications to 
include your code.

Just some suggestions.


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