[linux-dvb] patch - descrambling on stream level

Henrik Sjoberg henke at epact.se
Mon Oct 17 23:28:33 CEST 2005

Hi all,

As as was saying last week I have done some work on descrambling on stream
level in dvb-apps. Here is the patch that I promised earlier. Besides
fixing some things regarding descrambling on stream level I also added
moving of CA descriptors from programme to stream level. This is enabled
in ca_zap using the -m switch.

Here is a minor description of what I have done in the different files.
* Corrected parsing of terrestrial channel list
* Increased parser buffer sizes

* Rearranged descriptors structs to one struct with union of different types
* Corrected the parsing of a few descriptors

* Corrected parsing of streams

* Added function to compare CA descriptors
* Changes after restructuring of descriptor structs
* Moving of CA descriptors from stream to programme level
* ca_pmt_cmd_id is put only once on programme level, not once for each CA
* New debug function to parse ca_pmt

* ca_pmt_cmd_id is put only once per stream, not once for each CA
* Changes after restructuring of descriptor structs

* Added -m switch

Feel free to comment on anything that look strange or wrong.
And please let me know how it works for you all. Would be nice to know if
I have fixed descrambling for anyone...


ps Hope the mailinglist can take 21k attachments. ds
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