[linux-dvb] API ioctls for Bypass and RAW Audio

Marcus Metzler mocm at mocm.de
Thu Oct 20 19:27:39 CEST 2005

>>>>> "Werner" == Werner Fink <Dr.> writes:

    Werner> Hi, is there really no one out here which want to be able
    Werner> to use RAW Audio streams? That means replaying Audio
    Werner> without the needs of a PES remuxer?  The hardware can do
    Werner> it, the firmware will support it ... but the DVB API 3 and
    Werner> DVB API 4 seems not be designed for this approach.

    Werner> How to extend the DVB API 3 for RAW Audio replay?  Do I
    Werner> need a new ioctl or should I extend AUDIO_SELECT_SOURCE by
    Werner> something like AUDIO_SOURCE_MEMORY_RAW or use the
    Werner> AUDIO_SET_STREAMTYPE and define a type class
    Werner> AUDIO_CAP_RAW_XXX.

I once wrote a rudimentary audio driver that made PES from raw audio
and send it to the DVB driver, there were one or two lines in the
av7110 driver and a couple of lines for the audio device. 
I haven't used it in a while and it is probably not usable for newer
kernels, but you should be able to see what was going on from the old
drivers on http://www.metzlerbros.org/dvb/index.html. The last
snapshot http://www.metzlerbros.org/dvb/DVB-20050311.tar.gz
should contain the code.
IN that case the audio was blocked from the DVB device when there was
sound input to /dev/dspX (X usually =1). I used it with mpg321.


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