[linux-dvb] DEC 2000-t playback

Peter Beutner p.beutner at gmx.net
Mon Oct 24 15:34:13 CEST 2005

Andrew Wilson schrieb:
> Hi Folks
> I would very much like to be able to play back video from my pc to the
> dec 2000-t so it can output to the TV using scart. 
does this even work(reliable) under windows?

> I'd like to do some work in this area. Unfortunately the link to
> technotrend docs that Alex gave in the message above seems not to be
> there any more :-(
> Does anyone have the av_format_v1.pdf document?
I also think mplayer/xine/vlc/.. have a pva demuxer, that also might give you some infos.

> I'd also be really interested in anything you guys know about the
> internals of this box. What OS is it running? Is it hackable?
you cant really speak of an 'OS'.
Basically, there is TDA10045H chip which performs all the DVB-T signal -> MPEG2-TS
conversion, connected to a TMX320AV7111GFN chip which is practically a full-featured
"set-top box"(TS Packet Parser+Demuxer, Video Decoder, ...) and a "usb chip" which lets
you talk to the first two chips via a usb stream.
The only thing which might be 'hackable' is the firmware which gets uploaded to the device
when it switches to PC mode.But as we have the firmware only as binary data, you would
have to spend a lot of time in reverse-engineering that thing.


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