[linux-dvb] Support for Technotrend DVB-C 1500

Simo Kivimäki simo.j.kivimaki at tut.fi
Mon Oct 24 19:25:43 CEST 2005

James Fisher wrote:
> I've just got hold of one of these as a replacement for my previous 
> DVB-C card which is no longer available.
> Are the drivers for this board checked into CVS?

There is driver for TT DVB-C 1500 but it has problmes with QAM128 
signal. I have tried to increase timeouts and still tuning gets locked 
only occasionally with my card. The kernel modules are budget-ci and 
stv0297. I don't have access to non-QAM128 signals so I don't know how 
they work.

It would be nice to get that card working so what is the situation with 
the driver development?

I recently made some testing with stv0297_cs2 driver and used it with my 
DVB-C 1500 card. With some changes it compiled as the driver for DVB-C 
1500 card and the budget-ci registers the frontend correctly.

But it does not work. Of course that's not a surprise because the driver 
is not made for the card.

Here's dmesg debug messages for the cs2 driver used with TT:
spectrum inversion: off
symbolrate: 6900000, regval: 0000000000000000
initialized - waiting for the locks now
waiting for WBAGC lock
WBAGC has lock
waiting for equalizer 1 lock
timed out

And that repeats.

Changes that I made to get it 'work':
- Change the name to stv0297 (files and api functions)
- Added 'u8 invert:1' and 'u8* inittab' to struct stv0297_config in 
header file.
- In function stv0297_readregsI changed the i2c_transfer to be done in 
to parts.

I'm not familiar with the kernel drivers nor stv0297 so I have no idea 
for further modifications. I hope that some developer could try to solve 
this problem in some way or give advice for me to debug it.

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