[linux-dvb] Drivers for WinTV NOVA-S-Plus 794 (chipset CX23883)

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Wed Oct 26 14:23:28 CEST 2005

Merlet Fabien wrote:

>>>Previous version of this Hauppauge card was using a saa7146 chipset.
>>>They now changed it for a Conexant CX23883.
>>>Does someone can help me to find the drivers for this card?
>>>I've not seen anything in the latest kernel 2.6.13 media/common
>>>directory or in CVS repository ...
>>The glue code for this will be handled by video4linux... You can try
>>cx88 card #18 -- it might work ... But probably will not... If you would
>>provide more info about the card, I would be happy to assist in adding
>>support for it. First try cx88 card=18 , if that doesnt work, then
>>please provide your dmesg, "lspci -vn" , and tell us every chip that you
>>can see on the board, in addition any writing that you might see on the
>>"tin box" ... You might have to peel off a sticker in order to get to it.
> Hi Mike,
>Txs for your support,
>I'm trying to configure this and I have some troubles and some doubts.
>I will provide you feedback once I'm sure of the results.

Like I said, I am willing to help.  Even a non-working dmesg log full of 
errors can help me to figure out what you might need.  Try doing what I 
mentioned above, although I realized it would help if you also added the 
parameter i2c_scan=1 to your modprobe args.   I also realized that I've 
given bad instructions for the modules.  Do this:

First, remove the modules:

modprobe -r cx88-dvb
modprobe -r cx88-blackbird
modprobe -r cx8802
modprobe -r cx8800
modprobe -r cx88xx

Then insert them like this:

modprobe cx88xx card=18 i2c_scan=1
modprobe cx88-dvb

I'd be interested to see what dmesg looks like after the above.

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