[linux-dvb] FE not locking with dvbstream

Jakob Steidl j.steidl at liwest.at
Wed Oct 26 21:09:50 CEST 2005

Jakob Steidl wrote:

> Hello list,
> First, I hope Im in the correct list with my dvbstream problem.
> I want to stream live tv over network with dvbstream. my problem is, 
> that i dont reviece any data, because dvbstream cant lock to the 
> correct frequency (or so).
> But I can watch TV with all other apps (expect vdr, but thats another 
> story), so I have really no idea what to do

> [...].

Okay, i found a workarround:
Useing szap for tuning works fine. now i only need to use dvbstream to 
"filter" out the PIDs I want to broadcast...


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