[linux-dvb] Finding Section bitrate

Mws mws at twisted-brains.org
Wed Oct 26 21:58:34 CEST 2005

Manu Abraham wrote:
> Mws wrote:
>> Manu Abraham wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I was looking at how i can find the rate at which a section arrives. 
>>> If i do a read() in userspace, applying a filter for that particular 
>>> section, since the data is already buffered, the rate that i can 
>>> calculate might not be correct ? But if i take a look at from a 
>>> driver point of view, i will be able to find the rate of the entire 
>>> stream only (that which is transferred out of the card). Any thoughts 
>>> as to how i can work this out correctly ? Any suggestions would be 
>>> appreciated.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Manu
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>> hi,
>> if you mean the bitrate for a PID (that carries sections)
>> you might try dvbsnoop.
> Hi,
> Thanks for pointing it out. But, since the stream is buffered, will 
> these values be right ? Anyway i will just try it out.
> Thanks,
> Manu

what you will get is a nearly accourate analysis if you let it run for some time.
this throws away all buffering effects.

not a problem, i am using that nice tool very often.


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