[linux-dvb] Re: nxt200x on AVerTVHD a180

Mike Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Thu Oct 27 21:17:14 CEST 2005

CityK wrote:

> CityK wrote:
>> Kirk Lapray wrote:
>>> Now that we know the A180 is also this way, and that these are the 
>>> only NXT2004 based cards that I am aware of,
>> The MIT MyHD MDP-130 and the Fujiplus FD-3250 both use the Nxt2004 
>> too (via the TUV1236D)
> It also appears that the ADS Tech's Instant HDTV PCI (PTV-380-EF) and 
> Kworld's ATSC-110 cards are using the TUV1236 ... and also by the 
> looks of it, the BT878A, which would make these guys very similar to 
> the Fujiplus card.

I didnt see these emails until after I sent my last email, entitled, 
"Separating / conditionalizing pll code from within nxt200x module"

This makes me lean closer to solution method #1

Agreed?  Or should we go with the more portable method #3 ?  If the 
difference is really due to the differences between NXT2002 vs NXT2004 , 
then method #1 is the answer.

... but then what happens when nxt2000 enters the picture?  nxt2003?  
These questions lead me back to method #3 ... it's a tough call.

Michael Krufky

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