[linux-dvb] Discovery of dvb devices

Sigmund Augdal Helberg sigmund at snap.tv
Fri Oct 28 10:18:25 CEST 2005


I'm trying to build an interface for tuning various input cards on linux
boxes (amoung others dvb cards), and I wanted to know how much it is
possible to detect beforehand.

* What is the best way to detect dvb cards? I've been thinking about
hal, but there are no obvious keys to look for to say that this is a dvb
card, and to link it back to the dvb adapter device file. Another idea
could be to scan /dev/dvb... 

* Is it possible to find (in a script friendly, macro way) which type of
card (dvb-s dvb-c or dvb-t, or even those other stuff)

* Is it possible to detect if a card is connected to a feed and which
DiseqC satno points where? ( I fear the minimum user input is "card
num", "satnum" and "sat" then run dvbscan )

* Is there really no way to tune a dvb-t card without the initial tuning
data to dvbscan?

Anyway, I might be willing to contribute some hal glue if it turns out
to be the best way for discovery, though not fully coded yet. Having
lshal say something like: 


would be very nice.


Sigmund A. Helberg

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