[linux-dvb] Two card config question

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Sun Oct 30 22:18:30 CET 2005

Jon Burgess wrote:

> Philip Prindeville wrote:
>> Michael Krufky wrote:
>> install bttv0 /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install bttv && /sbin/modprobe 
>> dvb-bt8xx && /sbin/modprobe dst
>> install bttv1 /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install bttv &&
>> But that doesn't work...  or at least, not automatically at boot.  I 
>> have to run
>> "modprobe bttv0" and then "modprobe bttv1"...  I suppose there's an easy
>> way to fix that, such as:
> I think the reason it doesn't work is that the "modprobe bttv" creates 
> both the bttv0 & bttv1 devices, hence only one of your two "install 
> bttvX" lines ever gets executed. You could try having just a single 
> line which does everything:
> install bttv /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install bttv && /sbin/modprobe
> dvb-bt8xx && /sbin/modprobe dst && /sbin/modprobe cx88-dvb && 
> /sbin/modprobe cx8800

cx88-dvb depends on cx8802, which depends on cx8800 which depends on cx88xx

so, the && logic above is incorrect, and irrelevant... all that must be 
modprobe'd is cx88-dvb ... it will automatically load all of its 

> FWIW, I removed all my modprobe lines for the frontends of my budget 
> cards. There was a change made a while ago to the budget code which 
> forced it to load every supported frontend when the budget module is 
> loaded. Perhaps this change should be propagated to other card drivers?

This is already the case.  bttv is the analog driver, dvb-bt8xx is the 
DVB driver, and it automatically loads (bt878 and) all supported 
frontends EXCEPT dst.

> If all else fails, just add the modprobe commands to the /etc/rc.local 
> file. These will be executed every reboot.
>     Jon
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