[linux-dvb] T200 Remote Oddities

Jon Burgess jburgess at uklinux.net
Mon Oct 31 00:02:08 CET 2005

Ben Griffiths wrote:
> out that when I have mythbackend loaded I get extra key presses generated 
> through lirc. Thoughout I can run evtest and it shows the remote is working 
> fine. There is some sort of interaction between mythbackend and lirc causing 
> the extra key presses. It would be nice to know if this is happening to 
> anyone else - I have lirc 0.7.2 and mythtv svn revision 7645.

Perhaps you're seeing the events via /dev/input/event & via the keyboard 
driver at the same time. The issue is that the remote also simulates 
keyboard events so if myth-frontend is looking at both the keyboard and 
lircd then it sees some events twice.

Try opening another window and giving that focus. Do you see the problem 
go away? Do you also see key presses appearing from your remote in this 

You might be able to tweak your config to prevent the myth-frontend from 
getting the input from the keyboard by default, maybe opening another 
window or running it with "</dev/null".

The better way to fix this problem would be for lircd to use the 
EVIOCGRAB ioctl on the /dev/input/event device. This prevents the remote 
from sending duplicate events via the keyboard handling code.


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