[linux-dvb] Compro VideoMate DVB-T 3000 - More data

Jules Bean jules at jellybean.co.uk
Sat Apr 1 20:57:06 CEST 2006


I just noticed on the mailing list archives people having the same 
probing problems I'm having, I thought I'd supply some more data points. 
I have two identical (as far as I know) Compro VideoMate 3000s. I use 
them in both analog and digital mode in MythTV.

1) They worked fine in 2.6.14, using v4l-dvb-20051208.tar.gz, no 
problems after hard or soft reboots that I ever noticed.

2) In 2.6.16, using the built in modules, they autoprobe correctly on 
hard reboots.

3) On soft reboots they sometimes still probe correctly. Or sometimes 
one out of two does.

4) After a hard reboot and a correct autoprobe, although they appear to 
be functioning correctly, analog TV tuning does not work. In both xawtv 
and mythtv, the symptoms are a black and white static accompanied by 
static noise, exactly as if the aerial was unplugged.

5) After unloading the module with rmmod (and also saa7134-dvb and 
saa7134-oss) and reloading by hand with modprobe, both analog and 
digital work fine.

I hope these data points are somehow useful to you. To me they are plain 
confusing :-)


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