[linux-dvb] Pinnacle 300i DVB-T in 2.6.16

Jon Severinsson jon at severinsson.net
Mon Apr 3 14:33:51 CEST 2006

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Hi Tim

Thanks for your help, but it didn't solve my problems.

I have now read all 300i related emails from December until now, and
after looking at the patches and the 2.6.16 source my conclusion is that
the patch in 2.6.16 covers both the patch you referred to, as well as
the module load order patch from 2006-02-17.
I had actually tried to load tda9887 prior to saa7134 before sending my
last mail, but didn't mention it as I assumed it was fixed in 2.6.16 (as
it was mentioned as required for analogue, and I got analogue working
either way). Now I re-tested load order on a clean reboot, and I still
had no no luck with dvbscan (so I assume I was correct in my previous
I also found a reference to changing "if (V4L2_TUNER_DIGITAL_TV ==
t->mode) {" to "if (1) {" in mt20xx.c, and tried it despite the warning
that it would break analogue tuning. Still no luck with dvbscan.

- - Jon Severinsson

Tim Davis skrev:
> On Mon, 03 Apr 2006 09:09:00 +0200, Jon Severinsson <jon at severinsson.net> wrote:
>> Hi everyone.
>> I'm new to this list, and hope someone can help me with a problem I
>> have. I'm trying to setup a Pinnacle 300i in DVB mode. Due to other
>> parts of my system running the old kernel isn't an option, but
>> I noticed that the 2.6.16 changelog includes "V4L/DVB (3395): Fixed
>> Pinnacle 300i DVB-T support". So I set out to try it on, but I
>> couldn't get it working.
>> <snip>
> If the comment in the 2.6.16 changelog refers to Harmut's fix from a couple of months ago then there could still be a problem with the module load order. the tda9887 module needed to be loaded first to ensure the tuner is correctly detected:
> Harmut Hackman wrote:
>>> A remaining problem is that the tda9887.ko module needs to be
>>> loaded before tuner.ko. The reason seems to be the tda8290 probing
>>> code wich seems to be harmful only for the pinnacle cards.
> Search the list archives for 'Pinnacle 300i' from around January.
> Tim
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