[linux-dvb] Disassembling the EIT

Mirko Roller mirko at mirkoroller.de
Mon Apr 3 19:46:12 CEST 2006


for my EIT/descriptor/event analyzing programm, i need some help.

Normaly on a TS ( from one Transponder ) i get the EIT/descriptors for 
different  TV/Radio Stations. Now i have some problems.
How can i differ between the different Stations on one TS.
What is the different between:
transport_stream_id and

And is it possible that an event_id, could occour with different 
transport_stream_id / service_id combinations.

Or to ask some simpler, how must i sort the event_ids, in combinations to 
transport_stream_id / service_id to build up an Event Table, depending on 
different TV-Stations on the same TS.


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