[linux-dvb] AirStar HD5000-PCI signal strength

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Mon Apr 3 23:26:57 CEST 2006

glen martin wrote:
> Now I've seen mention of a patch, hd5000-cleanup.patch. I can't tell whether this has incorporated into the latest CVS code. The code in CVS seems to have some calculation of signal strength in files frontends/nxt2002.c and b2c2/stv0297_cs2.c, but as you can see above it isn't doing much.
> Unfortunately, the hd5000-cleanup patch doesn't seem to be available online any longer, not at its original location on digitalregime, nor anywhere Google has indexed.
The patch in question has already been applied to the development 
repository, and we have discontinued usage of the cvs repositories.  
They haven't been updated in months.

All new development has moved to mercurial -- full support for your card 
can be retrieved using the drivers in v4l-dvb.hg ... For a howto:


However, this will not answer your original question about signal 
strength -- The lgdt330x driver does not report signal strength due to 
the ambiguity of the spec... For further info, google the following: 
"linux-dvb signal strength mac michaels"

You didn't do anything wrong -- the driver just doesn't report it.


Michael Krufky

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