[linux-dvb] Twinhan DTV A+D status

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Tue Apr 4 19:29:38 CEST 2006

Manu Abraham wrote:
> Peter Zeltins wrote:
>> Has there been any progress in supporting the card? Twinhan subsystem 
>> id 1822:0019, hybrid DVB-T + analog + FM radio. Latest dvb sources do 
>> not show any support for the card.
> This card (VP-3054) is now supported by the cx88 driver AFAIK, it 
> needs an additional module called the vp3054-i2c, eventhough it sounds 
> a bit strange. The subsystem ID's might be different, so adding the 
> PCI ID's manually should help, if it doesn't exist.
> So most probably it should work for you
You do not have to add that PCI ID manually into the code just for the 
sake of making the card work.

Using recent drivers, all you should need to do is the following:

modprobe cx88xx card=42
modprobe cx8800
modprobe cx8802
modprobe cx88-dvb

The cx88-vp3054-i2c module will load automatically, as it is one of the 
dependencies of cx88-dvb.

If the above works for you, please let us know.  Then we can add that 
subsystem ID into the driver for autodetection.

I hope this helps,

Michael Krufky

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