[linux-dvb] Stuck with Kworld DVB-T 220 with saa71

Jyrki Majamaki hausberg at mbnet.fi
Wed Apr 5 21:00:22 CEST 2006

Ok the problem is solved - in order to use v4l-dvb drivers from linuxtv.org
one needs to disable DVB for linux from kernel.

Second thing which occured to me with gentoo is that after recompiling the
the old modules were not removed so I had, i.e. cx88-dvb module still under
lib/modules/kernel... which couldn't have been since I disabled that DVB
for linux.

Outcome was that after installing mercurial source I had some modules twice!

make clean and make distclean in kernel source did not help. I finally
deleted the stuff from lib tree - recompiled kernel and checked that no
dvb modules
popped up. Then took the hg source of v4l-dvb make && make install - all
dory afterwards DVB-T 220 works with both digital and analogical tuners after
modprobe saa7134-dvb


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