[linux-dvb] driver gets unusable during scan

christophpfister at bluemail.ch christophpfister at bluemail.ch
Thu Apr 6 18:15:24 CEST 2006


I'm using a hauppauge nexus s ci rev 2.3. Few minutes after starting hotbird
scan, the driver is unusable (no correct tuning / filtering? possible anymore
-> can't watch TV).

>./dvbscan -s 1 dvb-s/Hotbird-13.0E >~/channels.conf

During the scan, the following messages appear (among the normal ones):

start_filter:1139: ERROR: ioctl DMX_SET_FILTER failed: 1 Operation not permitted
start_filter:1139: ERROR: ioctl DMX_SET_FILTER failed: 16 Device or resource
read_sections:1217: ERROR: read_sections: read error: 11 Resource temporarily
WARNING: section too short: network_id == 0x013e, section_length == 13, descriptors_loop_len
== 11
ERROR: PMT for serivce_id 0x3450 was not in PAT

and lots of timeouts towards the end.

I've tried out different kernel versions (2.6.15-x debian testing; 2.6.15-x
+ mercury 1. April 06), dvb-apps (debian testing; mercury 1. April 06) and
firmwares (261a, 261f, 2622).

Thank you


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