[linux-dvb] multiple frontends question

Evangelos Stergiou evangelos.stergiou at fileas.com
Fri Apr 7 10:03:39 CEST 2006

I have a DVB-S card and I want to have 2 instances of xine or mplayer locked 
to 2 different PIDs (1 instance for 1 PID)
in order to mix the output to the same audio card. The problem is that 2 
instances of a player cannot use DVB input (DVB plugin
will not allow this). How can I do this? I suspect that I need to use 
multiple frontends to my DVB card. But, is this possible?
Do I have to load the same frontend kernel module more than once? How do I 
do that?
Thanks for your ideas....

Evan Stergiou

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