[linux-dvb] More on the cx24123

Garnet MacPhee garnet at signalpeak.net
Fri Apr 7 22:45:19 CEST 2006

I just found, downloaded and installed a small app, xdpio, that will issue DiSEqC positioning 
commands, either by command or from a simple X gui. It requires Xforms to compile. This works quite 
well, and I am able to get it to move the dish.

I have been using kaffeine as a dvb app, it however doesn't know how to do disk positioning 
commands, it just is able to switch amoung up to 4 lnb's. It does have a channel scanning 
capability, and I am getting some very good signal quality levels on some channels, 96-98%, with 99% 
S/N. However, none of these channels will "lock", so I am still not able to view them.

I applied the latest patch from Yeasah Pell that he sent today, on top of kernel 2.6.17-rc1.

I KNOW I am very close to getting a watchable picture, excitement building, but I'm not quite there yet.

Finding channels.conf data for North American Satellites has been difficult, here is one I made by 
hand for AMC3 using data from LyngSat. Some channels were listed without sr or fec data. Hope it 
saves someone some time.

# AMC 3 @ 87.0W
# freq pol sr fec

S 11716000 H 02449000 7/8
S 11719000 H 02446000 7/8
S 11723000 H 03675000 2/3
S 11726000 V 00000000
S 11736000 V 06104000 1/2
S 11760000 H 00000000
S 11820000 V 08460000 3/4
S 11860000 V 00000000
S 11880000 H 00000000
S 11900000 V 00000000
S 11940000 V 00000000
S 11957000 H 21000000 3/4
S 11984000 V 19510000 3/4
S 12000000 H 00000000
S 12020000 V 00000000
S 12040000 H 30000000 7/8
S 12048000 V 07230000 3/4
S 12056000 V 03979000 3/4
S 12072000 H 14630000 3/4
S 12096000 V 19510000 3/4
S 12110000 H 14025000 3/4
S 12128000 H 14025000 3/4
S 12140000 V 02222000
S 12151000 H 03250000 3/4
S 12153000 V 06111000
S 12161000 H 04880000 3/4
S 12164000 H 04340000 3/4
S 12169000 H 04880000 3/4
S 12180000 V 29270000 3/4

Todd wrote:
> I am fairly certain it does with the patch he attached to the email you 
> responded to.  Yeasah Pell stated:
>>>> The only other thing I would note is that in order to get my positioner 
>>>> to accept disqec commands reliably I had to increase the delay between 
>>>> the tone shutoff/voltage change and the diseqc command
> ...I would guess it works even better than he stated since he has patched it 
> further since this quote.  Did you apply the patch?  Did you on the debug 
> messages as he suggested?  What are you seeing?  The DiSEqC commands now 
> work flawlessly on my messy cascaded switches.
> Good luck,
> Todd
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>>I have a Stab Rotor Sat HH90 dish positioner that uses the DiSEqC 1.2 
>>protcol. My receiver card is a Kworld DVB-S 100 with the cx24123 
>>demodulator. Is it possible to send DiSEqC commands to position the dish 
>>with V4l/DVB as it now stands? Or will support for DiSEqC dish positioning 
>>be written soon? In checking the web, I have not found any references to 
>>dish positioning with a cx24123, or any references to dish positioning in 
>>the apps I have installed (mplayer, kaffeine, xawtv).
>> I am running Slackware 10.2 with Kernel 2.6.17-rc1 and Yeasah Pell's 
>> latest cx24123.patch applied.
>> Thanks, Garnet

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