[linux-dvb] Twinhan VP1030A CI/CAM problems and solutions

linuxtv at zacglen.com.au linuxtv at zacglen.com.au
Sun Apr 9 11:13:18 CEST 2006

>linuxtv at zacglen.com.au wrote:
>>> linuxtv at zacglen.com.au wrote:
>>>> There seem to be quite a few problems getting TwinHan VP1030 etc
>>>> Conditional Access Module working properly.
>>>> The LinuxTV wiki says they dont work (mostly) and so do various
>>>> other application writers (eg. mythtv, videolan, etc).
>>> The information on the Wiki is a bit outdated. Both the applications you 
>>> mentioned do have support.
>> Ahem ... they may have support, but the applications do/did *not* work
>> properly with my irdeto CAM.
>> I know this because of the extensive patching that was required to
>> make them work!
>It does work for me, many people are using it successfully. FYI, I am 
>using an Irdeto module

But what about the specific kernel problem that I mentioned?
Where if there is a large number of streams, and the CA message
goes above 128, and the kernel garbles the message?

If there are a lot of people successfully using CAMs with linuxdvb
then how come none of them have ever encountered this problem?
It will surely occur of there are any OpenTV driven systems, because
OpenTV adds quite a few private encrypted streams.

Why is your only response effectively "... there is nothing
wrong with CAMs ... " while completely ignoring the bulk
of my useful contribution?

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