[linux-dvb] Twinhan VP1030A CI/CAM problems and solutions

linuxtv at zacglen.com.au linuxtv at zacglen.com.au
Sun Apr 9 14:02:51 CEST 2006

>> 2. In linuxtv-dvd-apps/lib/libdvben50221/en50221_encode.c
>Wow! thanks for the feedback! _HOWEVER_ you are/were looking at old source 
>code. I have recently rewritten a lot of this userspace code (except the 
>utils) to make it robust and standards compliant (hopefully) :) 
>The code you saw in libdvbsi and libdvben50221 was deleted a week or so ago 
>(in fact libdvbsi is gone completely), and replaced with the hierachy of pure 
>C libraries at:

Gee, that is a nice and simple url to remember.
Wouldn't a link on main LinuxTV page be a bit better?
Might save a lot of people from reinventing the same wheel.

>libucsi: SI parser with complete coverage of all standard MPEG+DVB SI tables. 
>Aims to be as efficient as possible, and uses no memory allocation 

So how does the program get into memory if there is no memory
allocation whatsoever? And how does the stack work if there
is no memory allocation whatsoever?

There is nothing wrong with memory allocation.
In fact most programs don't use it enough.

Besides, every time you declare a large buffer as a local
variable you cause a form of memory allocation.

Memory allocation usually means precision, rather than the usual technique
of creating various will-probably-be-big-enough buffers all over
the place with corresponding arbitary buffer size declarations.

>libdvben50221: Rewritten EN50221 stack. Supports Link Level CI interfaces 
>(e.g. budget-ci) as well as high level ones (e.g. twinhan). 
>libdvbapi: Wrapper library for the raw DVB IOCTL interface to make it nicer 
>and easier to use.
>libdvbcfg: Standardised parsers for DVB configuration files.
>ca_zap has been rewritten to use these. 
>The intention is to make all the dvb utils use these libraries at some point 
>in the future, but I'm busy with fixing other stuff just now. 
>It wouldn't actually take much to add tuning support to ca_zap using 
>libdvbapi.. it would then become an application able to tune all card types 
>and also perform CA setup... replacing the s/t/a/czap utils completely.

Great! Pity it wasn't anywhere where anybody can find it.

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