[linux-dvb] Twinhan VP1030A CI/CAM problems and solutions

Peter Fassberg pf at leissner.se
Sun Apr 9 14:58:05 CEST 2006

Hi all!

Thank you for all responses.  And sorry for my bac english! :-)

However, I don't think my problems depends on the CA modules.

The kernel don't recognize the "DST" at all.

I have a few Twinhan cards, and everyone works fine, except this.

I swapped in with a VP-3020 (wo/CI) and dmesg shows this:

>> dst_get_device_id: Recognise [DTTDIG]

What stands "DST" and "DTTDIG" for?

There is a big difference: On all other cards the tuner has a
Twinhan logo on it.  This one don't.  Instead it has a Philips-

>>              PHILIPS
>> +-------------------+
>> ! 3112 297 13641D#  !
>> ! TU1216/I H P      !
>> ! SV21 0445         !
>> +-------------------+

This card is a DVB-T card "VP-3040 V1.2-041020".

Is this maybe a "new" unsupported tuner?

-- Peter Fassberg

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