[linux-dvb] Pinnsat problems with kernel 2.6.17-rc1

Uwe Bugla uwe.bugla at gmx.de
Mon Apr 10 17:28:10 CEST 2006

Hi everybody,
First of all big congretulations to all contributors for the bt8xx solution
being part of Kernel 2.6.17-rc1. It can be called stable as I do not suffer
application breakdowns anymore after a 3 hours durance of video playback.
I DID suffer those breakdowns applying Edgar's patch collection for 2.6.16,
especially parts 3 and 6 who did not become part of the current kernel
This is no bashing attitude against Edgar's very good work, but simply a
of testing and personal experience.
The documentation fix I published here is based on the assumption that
the TwinHan DST and Clones are the only proven exception in which card
autodetection does not work in all cases.
If you experience that your bt8xx card is not loaded automatically
please drop me a note and I will add this specific card to

However there is still one bug in the driver:
If my box does a cold start or a warm start, and I try to start an
application, the following
things happen:
The first mouse click on a TV channel activates the relay of my Pinnacle
But the playback does not start at all, no matter if kaffeine, xawtv-4.0,
MPlayer or xine are the
explicit applications. In so far this IS a driver issue.
A second mouse click on the same channel or a different one is neccessary to
get the
video playback started.
But please notice: This error only happens once: after a cold start or a
warm start of the box.
My questions:
1. Is there anybody around sharing the same experience with another bt8xx
card or even with
the Pinnacle PCTVSAT?
2. Can someone having an idea about this problem please sit down and write a
fix for it?
(Edgar Toernig, Manu Abraham, Ralph Metzler or anybody else having an idea
about this?)
After this fix is done the driver solution can be called "close to

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