[linux-dvb] [Proposal] Meaningful reporting of SNR

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Wed Apr 12 23:30:02 CEST 2006

A comment / question:

Does it make sense to spend significant effort on computing an accurate
SNR value?
It might make sense for VSB and DVB-C / S, i cant tell.
But i am sure that for DVB-T, it doesn't.
A signal to noise ratio might be excellent but reception very poor due
to several (short) echoes.
For antenna optimization and comparison there (to my experience) are 2
useful values: signal strength (minor) and the raw bit error rate (major).
The raw ber can be normalized to the maximum correctable ber and this
would be a useful measure since this number tells about the real safety

Just my opinion

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