[linux-dvb] Partial success with Avermedia 777 remote

Ole Reinartz ole.reinartz at gmx.de
Fri Apr 14 12:56:52 CEST 2006

Jose Alberto Reguero wrote:

>There are some problems.
>Not mask_keyup bit.
>Not mask_keydown bit.
>When the card is working some bits of the read gpio  are changing.
>With the attached patch, all key works, but when one key is pressed twice or 
>more it is only recogniced one time.(You can not press the same key twice).
just came around to test that on my system. Where do you have 
ir_codes_avermedia defined? I guess it should be in saa7134-input.c, but 
I only find it in bttv-input.c. And there I also find a 
ir_codes_avermedia_dvbt. Which is the right one?


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