Re: [linux-dvb] Thoughts about supporting more complex tuners

Ralph Metzler rjkm at
Fri Apr 14 16:11:34 CEST 2006

treza at writes:
 > Maybe that remark is off topic but...
 > The following issues shall be addressed in the new tuner api :
 > - There must be a way to try several tuners detections as
 > one single USB IDs ( or PCI ? ) can correspond to several
 > devices with different tuners.

Just call the same or other attach function again with a different address.

 > - Some tuners needs additional calibration data stored in
 > EEPROM, there is a chicken-and-egg problem in the current
 > implementation between the detection of the tuner and
 > getting additional parameters for the tuner calibration (
 > and the EEPROM is not always on the same I2C sub-bus as the
 > Tuner chip )

The way I currently handle this is to give a callback handle to the
demodulator driver which lets it read/write calibration data.
So, the PCI bridge driver has to handle talking to the right EEPROM in
this callback function.


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