[linux-dvb] TD1316A/stv0297 on ttusb C1200 more infos?

Thomas Kaiser linux-dvb at kaiser-linux.li
Sat Apr 15 02:50:48 CEST 2006

Hello All

I am working on the TechnoTrend USB C-1200 
to add support for this device in Linux. The C-1200 has the same USB ID 
like the C-1100 (0b48:1004, which works already in Linux) but my device 
uses a different tuner and demodulator (Philips TD1316A/ 
STMicroelectronics stv0297).

I can recive pictures now :-) but I had to change the frequency 
calculation for the tuner a lot (code from the PCI implementation). Can 
anybody explain me the Bytes/Bits in the I2C tuner message?

045089 ms >>>  aa 9b 31 08 c0 05 00 15 e2 c8 6a 80 -> 5602: 314 MHz S22

Starting from c0 (Byte 4), this is the I2C address of the tuner, next 
byte (Byte 5) is the  packet lenght. Next (Byte 6) I don't know. Byte 7 
and 8 is the frequency. The next two bytes (Byte 9,  Byte 10) are some 
flags for the tuner.

Byte 9 is set to 0xc8 in the Linux driver and has the same value in the 
winsnoop too.

I need some more infos on Byte 10:
What means "charge pump" (bit7..5)?
What does the "filter" do (bit3)?
And when do I have to switch the Band -> what is the range of the tuner 

Is there a datasheet available for this tuner?

Regards, Thomas


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