[linux-dvb] No "install" target in v4l/Makefile

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Sat Apr 15 12:02:32 CEST 2006

> The reason why I'm asking is because I would like to remove
> determining where the DVB driver header files are from VDR's
> Makefile. The header files should be at their standard location,
> which is /usr/include/linux/dvb. However, it doesn't look like
> the v4l Makefile would copy them there. Could this please be
> fixed, so that I could simply write in the VDR documentation
> "Install the DVB driver as usual, i.e. 'make; make install'"?


   If the v4l-dvb Makefile overwrote files in /usr/include, it would break the
way alot of package managers maintain what files are on your system. It would be
overwriting files which are owned by something else.  I think the best solution
would be to have the user add the location of the experimental dvb headers to
Make.config in VDR. For example:

DVBDIR   = /usr/src/v4l-dvb/linux


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