[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Moving ALPS BSRV2 tuner handling code to separate file.

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 12:25:53 CEST 2006

Andreas Oberritter wrote:
> Manu Abraham wrote:
>> Andreas Oberritter wrote:
>>> Btw. such a change has been proposed by me last summer and Johannes
>>> suggested using a common prefix like "fe-" although I'd vote for using
>>> "nim_".
>> generally, the demod is called a NIM, and the entire tuner is called the
>> frontend.
>> I think the "fe_" sounds more appropriate.
> You're wrong. A NIM is the complete module.

Ah, thanks for correcting it. Since FE == NIM, why should a change to 
"NIM_*" be important (but rather it is just a cosmetic change which 
yields yet another level of confusion), any specific reason you have, 
considering everywhere else in the API it is "FE_*" ?


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