[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Moving ALPS BSRV2 tuner handling code to separate file.

Perceval Anichini perceval.anichini at streamvision.fr
Sun Apr 16 13:59:34 CEST 2006

> bsrv2, bs* are all tuners from Alps , not demodulators, AFAIK. The 
> tuners don't do the DiSEqC but only a dedicated chip.
> for example, on the Galaxis rev 1.3 FF card that i have, a LNBP13  is 
> used for dedicated control. 
> (http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/22777/STMICROELECTRONICS/LNBP13.html) 
> for DiSEqC.

	Oh yes, you're right, I messed up lnbp21 and bsbe1 :/

> The LNBP chip is never inside the tinbox itself.In some budget cases, 
> the demod can be made to do DiSEqC also without a dedicated chip (It can 
> be from other vendors as well). In this case, it is the demod which does 
> the DiSEqC, even in this case it is discrete electronic components that 
> do DiSEqC instead of the dedicated chip.
> The term frontend, comes from the term RF frontend, which refers to the 
> "tinbox". In many cases the tuner/frontend (tinbox) integrates the 
> demod, while in some cases demodulators are outside the tuner (tinbox)
	Well, that's why I think 'tuner-' is indeed  a quite 
reductive prefix ...

Maybe we shall have a single file by _chip_ then ???

For instance : 

And then a frontend is the sum of a lnbp chip, a demod, a tuner :
exactly as in the DVB API documentation... ?


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