[linux-dvb] Moving tuner handling code to separate file.

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Sun Apr 16 21:50:02 CEST 2006

Andreas Oberritter wrote:

> You're right. But that's the point: These modules are used on a lot of 
> different boards, but every board has its own (almost identical) 
> implementation of the module specific code. This code shall be 
> factored out to have only a single implementation for each type of NIM 
> in the kernel source tree.
> Other boards, which don't use NIMs, need custom settings anyway. There 
> is no need and no gain to factor out their PLL setting code or special 
> register settings. Their code just stays inside the adapter driver, 
> because it won't be reused for other boards. 

Is this what you have in mind?


The config structs are device-specific, and are different in each 
implementation, so I left those where they were in the card drivers.

This series moves all of the common pll_set code into a single header.  
I went with the "fe_foo.h" naming.  I think this is what we've all 
settled on.

If this is what we want, then someone please give me an ack and I'll 
include it on my hg pull request to Mauro.

We should also commit Percival's patch renamed to fe_foo as well as 
renaming the others.  I'll be happy to go ahead and do so if we can 
display that a consensus has been reached on this.

Even if we decide on a better method later, doing this now is still 
better than the current duplication.



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