[linux-dvb] Re: Moving tuner handling code to separate file.

Andreas Oberritter obi at linuxtv.org
Sun Apr 16 23:38:50 CEST 2006

Perceval Anichini wrote:
> [...]
>>> The config structs are device-specific, and are different in each 
>>> implementation, so I left those where they were in the card drivers.
>>> This series moves all of the common pll_set code into a single header.  
>>> I went with the "fe_foo.h" naming.  I think this is what we've all 
>>> settled on.
>> Have we? We just found out that there is a difference between FE and NIM.
> 	Well, I think we agreed on the fact 1 chip = 1 file...

It's more like 1 module, 2 files: One containing the generic driver for 
one demodulator chip, e.g. stv0299.c. Another one containing 
initialization arrays, PLL code, register settings specific to a module, 
e.g. bsbe1.c. This can contain code for multiple chips: demodulator, 
PLL, LNB control, etc.

> And well, the frontends/ directory seems to me a good candidate to
> receive files implementing drivers of chips that are part of .... 
> a frontend (tuners, demod, sec, ...)

Sure. I don't want to change that...

> 	I don't really see what the 'fe_' prefix would change here ??
> If the file is in the frontends/ directory, then it is a part of a
> frontend... And if it is in another directory, it shall be moved in
> frontends/ ...

You don't see the frontend directory with lsmod or in sysfs for example.

> 	Maybe I missed something ? If yes could you remember me why we'd
> need this prefix ?

Again: I don't care about that prefix. Discussing it already took more 
time than I think it was worth.


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