[linux-dvb] Budget-CI unavailable

Peter Fassberg pf at leissner.se
Wed Apr 19 16:32:18 CEST 2006


> According to Hauppauge, the NOVA-CI-S  (Technotrend budget-ci) is
> no longer being manufactured or sold (by them). The item has also
> dissappeared from the Hauppauge website in Germany and UK.
> Until now, the budget-ci has been the by far cheapest way to
> access encrypted sat-channels and I'm really not happy having
> to buy the much more expensive Nexus-s plut the very expensive
> CI-module.
> Does anyone know of another product offering similar price/performance
> as the NOVA-CI-S ? Does anyone know where to get such a product ?
> (Assuming the product works under Linux with the DVB drivers).

The Twinhan card seems to be cheaper: Twinhan VisionPlus VP-1030A DVB-S

I'm using a few Twinhan cards (without CI) with great success, but I've
not tested any DVB-S CI cards from Twinhan.  (I've tried to use the
Twinhan DVB-T CI card to no avail)

> Anyone know where to buy and old stock of NOVA-CI-S ?

You can find one or two resellers in sweden via www.prisjakt.se and

But why doesn't anyone write a userland descrambler that can be used
with *any* budget card?  Today I use DVBprog under WinXP to watch
scrambled programs that I record with my Linux Twinhan cards.

I've heard that VDR have some plugins that can do the same.

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