[linux-dvb] Can't find dvb0_0 when using dvbtune

James A Vincent pseudonoise at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 23:58:39 CEST 2006

Christian Prähauser wrote:
> Hello James!
> James A Vincent wrote:
>> I am having problems in using dvbtune for ip over satellite using Linux
>> version 2.6.5-gentoo-r1 and a Skystar2 card.  I can use the card for dvb
>> tv reception with mplayer and Kaffeine with no problems.
>> However I cannot seem to use the card for data !
Hi Christian,

Thanks for the reply. I tried your first suggestion -

root at bumpkin podcast # dvbnet -a 0  -p 512

DVB Network Interface Manager
Version 1.1.0-TVF (Build Fri Nov 25 21:10:43 2005)
Copyright (C) 2003, TV Files S.p.A

Device: /dev/dvb/adapter0/net0
Error: couldn't add interface for pid 512: 22 Invalid argument.

Any further ideas ?


> 1. Try
> dvbnet -a 0  -p <PID>
> <PID> names the TS logical channel on which data is sent using MPE
> encapsulation
> This should result in
> "Status: device dvb0_0 for pid <PID> created successfully."
> If this step fails, the error message (if any) would be helpful.
> 2. Then do (with <IPADDR> being optional)
> ifconfig dvb0_0 <IPADDR>
> You should see a few lines with information about you dvb net interface.
> 3. start up your favorite tuner tool (e.g. dvbtune) and keep it running.
> You should now be able to receive data via the dvb0_0 interface.
> Use
>    tcpdump -i dvb0_0
> for testing if you are able to receive data.
> Maybe that helps.
> Christian.

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