[linux-dvb] I would like to generate a mpg with object carousel for developing...

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at cineca.it
Fri Apr 21 10:43:41 CEST 2006

Antonio Galán Vázquez wrote:
> Hello, I'm developing a MHP application with Osmosys SDK. I would like
> to test a MPG with an Object Carousel in this Development Environment. I
> have been reading about dsmcc-mhp-tools, I downloaded it but I can't
> generate this MPG. Can anybody help me?.


if you want to create a MPEG2 transport stream (TS) with:

- system table (PAT PMT AIT)
- audio and video streams
- a DSM-CC carousel with your application inside

you can start with JustDvb-It, our free and open source carousel server;
go get it here:


actually this is configured to drive a DVB ASI card for a broadcaster
network, but it is quite easy to modify the start.sh script to generate
the transport stream as a local file ..

then you can feed this file to a Ts Player and a DVB-T modulator and
test the result on a MHP STB

you need of course some skills with regard to DVB system table. let me
know if you need more help.

hope it helps

andrea venturi

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