[linux-dvb] Can't find dvb0_0 when using dvbtune Partial Success

Christian Prähauser cpraehaus at cosy.sbg.ac.at
Sun Apr 23 13:37:47 CEST 2006

James A Vincent wrote:
> I re-emerged the dvbnet (dvb-apps) package in Gentoo to a more recent
> release (Build Fri Apr 21 12:56:22 2006).
> The dvbnet command now creates dvb0_0.
> I have managed to tune to a transponder using dvbtune, but I didn't see
> any data on dvb0_0 when using ifconfig.
> Can you suggest a procedure so I can see the ip data received with
> something like tcpdump ? This would hopefully prove that I have
> configured everything correctly.
The command
    tcpdump -i dvb0_0

will show you all traffic (also IP) that is received on the network 
interface dvb0_0. So, if everything is setup correctly, and there's 
actually some data transmitted on the PID you should see it.

If you can't see any traffic, test if there are actually transmissions 
on the PID. You can use 'dvbsnoop' for this:
    dvbsnoop -s ts -hexdumpbuffer -npd -sync 512
with 512 being the PID.

If there is data on your PID, maybe you can post the output of dvbsnoop 
(the dump of the data).

Best regards,

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