[linux-dvb] MPEG4 AVC support? On DVB-C? With CAMs? On Twinhan Cab-CI?

bbee bumble.bee at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 24 07:21:51 CEST 2006


my local cable provider will kick off its HDTV broadcasts with the upcoming 
world cup (at no extra charge), and since I recently got a monitor that can 
do 1080* I thought I'd try to exploit the circumstances..

I have reports from local sources that the Twinhan Cab-CI coupled with an 
AlphaCrypt 3.05 CAM currently works, with SD MPEG2 DVB-C, on Windows.
I have read reports on this list's archives that this card and its CI 
support work on Linux. Even mythtv claims support for both the card and its 

The problem is, the cable company recently announced that it would be using 
a new decoder for HDTV, made by Samsung; press release (in Dutch):
MPEG4 AVC / H.264 seems to be a requirement for these broadcasts. Twinhan's 
website only lists MPEG2 as supported for the Cab-CI, and a local vendor 
(which is Windows-centric) seems to confirm this.
I'm new to all this DVB terminology, so I'm thinking that this limitation 
might be in the bundled Windows software, and not the hardware.

Is there any chance that these MPEG4 broadcasts can be "seen" by this card 
under Linux so I can shove them into mplayer, which has H.264 support?

Does the Linux DVB code support MPEG4 streams at all? There are very few 
results from gmane when I search for "mpeg4" on the list archives..

If not, is there any other DVB-C card with a CI slot that would support 
these MPEG4 streams? The Terratec Cinergy 1200 perhaps?

Sorry if I'm asking questions with obvious answers, but this stuff is about 
as transparent and well-documented as X11 modelines or sendmail .mc files..



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