[linux-dvb] MPEG4 AVC support? On DVB-C? With CAMs? On Twinhan Cab-CI?

Zhe Zheng zhengzhe79 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 07:38:19 CEST 2006

I'm recently trying out linux dvb, I think this should not be difficult.

try download the vlc source and rebuild it with dvb support.
Twinhan card doesn't have built-in decoder, so its all software. Once you
have locked
the signal vlc should handle the rest for you perfectly, I think.

But my card doen't have a Ci module, so can't help you on that.

It is so lucky to watch the world cup in HDTV. I still do not know whether
we will
have world cup broadcasted here in NZ.

Good luck

On 4/24/06, bbee <bumble.bee at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Hi,
> my local cable provider will kick off its HDTV broadcasts with the
> upcoming
> world cup (at no extra charge), and since I recently got a monitor that
> can
> do 1080* I thought I'd try to exploit the circumstances..
> I have reports from local sources that the Twinhan Cab-CI coupled with an
> AlphaCrypt 3.05 CAM currently works, with SD MPEG2 DVB-C, on Windows.
> I have read reports on this list's archives that this card and its CI
> support work on Linux. Even mythtv claims support for both the card and
> its
> CI.
> The problem is, the cable company recently announced that it would be
> using
> a new decoder for HDTV, made by Samsung; press release (in Dutch):
> http://www.samsung.com/nl/presscenter/pressrelease/ce_20060306_0000237445.asp
> MPEG4 AVC / H.264 seems to be a requirement for these broadcasts.
> Twinhan's
> website only lists MPEG2 as supported for the Cab-CI, and a local vendor
> (which is Windows-centric) seems to confirm this.
> I'm new to all this DVB terminology, so I'm thinking that this limitation
> might be in the bundled Windows software, and not the hardware.
> Is there any chance that these MPEG4 broadcasts can be "seen" by this card
> under Linux so I can shove them into mplayer, which has H.264 support?
> Does the Linux DVB code support MPEG4 streams at all? There are very few
> results from gmane when I search for "mpeg4" on the list archives..
> If not, is there any other DVB-C card with a CI slot that would support
> these MPEG4 streams? The Terratec Cinergy 1200 perhaps?
> Sorry if I'm asking questions with obvious answers, but this stuff is
> about
> as transparent and well-documented as X11 modelines or sendmail .mc
> files..
> Thanks,
> bbee
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